jueves, 13 de febrero de 2014

Notas del esperado parche de Marvel vs Capcom origins

Ya se encuentra disponible el parche tan esperado para Marvel vs Capcom origins en versión de psn. Para la versión de xbox 360 todavía hay que esperar un poco. La nota oficial con los cambios es la siguiente:

  • Added a sound when a match has been found
  • Added no-stun option to Training for Marvel Super Heroes
  • Added Vs. CPU option for Training Mode
  • Changing Training Dummy to COM displays the continue countdown over the dummy
  • Connect/Turning on a 2nd controller cannot control a HUMAN dummy in training sometimes
  • Crash fix from Darkstalkers, Audio transitions causing rare crashes
  • Crash fix from SF3TU, signout during a save
  • Fix from SF3TU, Japan and Asia regions can still matchmake with Region matching on
  • Fix from SF3TU, spectator leaving lobby causes players to go to lobby instead of rematch
  • Game Speeds online, MvC → Turbo2, MSH → Turbo
  • HOLD text is missing in character select for the [SELECT/BACK] controls callout
  • Improve Skill Rating change on a disconnect based on Darkstalkers
  • LAN pull crash
  • Previous profile’s selection would sometimes limit the next profile’s replay selection
  • Reloading save state in training reverts CPU action to prior setting
  • Restrict arcade matches to 3 in trial version
  • Show correct space required when not enough space detected.
  • Shuma’s preferred Gem is incorrect in the moves list
  • START button closes button settings screen
  • Syncing stats at the beginning of matches and ending of Ranked should work without issue
  • TRC fix from Darkstalkers, Connect to game lost appears when it should say signed out of PSN
  • TRC, Players can view replays when their player-created content flag is set to blocked.
  • Unsaved replays now correctly carry over from one profile to another
  • User Disconnects affect opponent Disconnects in Ranked
  • Watch With Friends crash
  • X360 Autosaves in the pause menu can cause brief gameplay stutters
  • X360 Signing in with a 2nd profile can cause a profile overwrite warning to appear
  • X360 Signing out after an auto save and pressing start on the title screen can prompt an overwrite warning

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