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Arcana Heart 3 love max!!!!! anunciado para consolas

Por fin ha sido anunciado el port a consolas de la actualización de Arcana Heart 3 llamada Love max!!!!! Saldrá para ps3 y psvita en Japón el 29 de mayo. De momento no se sabe nada de otras zonas, pero al contrario de lo que sucedió con Ah3 que si salió de Japón, dudo que suceda con esta actualización. Los que esperaban un parche tendrán que comprarse juego nuevo u olvidarse.

Los cambios de esta versión detallados a continuación:

-Añadido time attack mode
-Añadidas músicas y escenarios de Ah1
-Añadida la posibilidad de establecer titulos de jugador
-La vitalidad general de todos los personajes ha sido aumentada
-Cambios en el grounded hitstun reduciendo la distancia de los mismos
-El tiempo que pasa entre que puedes usar homing tras un salto es más largo
-Si aterrizas tras un homing no puedes bloquear 
-Cuando activas Extend force recuperas automaticamente tu barra de Arcana
-Ahora es posible usar Extend force durante guard cancels 
-El extend burst tiene invencibilidad y no causa daño de choque contra la pared
-Durante Extend force puedes activar un Arcana Eclipse con 214B+C. Usarlo finalizará tu EF
-Puedes usar extend burst durante la recuperación de Extend force
-Ahora puedes usar recovery en el aire con A, B, C o D y recovery en el suelo o pared también con E
-El espacio de tiempo en el que no puedes bloquear es ahora cancelable
-Los multiplicadores de poder ofensivo han sido modificados
-Cambios en los personajes (en inglés):

Akane Inuwaka
-5B does less damage and is air blockable
-6C’s first hit is air unblockable and the second hit cannot be jump canceled anymore
-Tamafuri (22) has less recovery, but you cannot cancel into it with kotodama
-Tsuki Hoe (28) has it’s start up altered and the start up is faster. The C version will guard crush airborne opponents
-Torigake A’s movement is faster but has more recovery
-Hananagi’s ground version has a new animation and proration is better
-Hana Utsushi has a new animation for the counter hit
Angelia Avallone
-2C is now two hits but lost its gatling to 6C
-Marlin attacks have been changed to n+BC
-Neutral throw has a new animation
-Vertical Starlight can now be used in air with J[8]2
-Drop kick now has 5 levels and is homing cancelable. You can also cancel into it from her teleport. And you can do it in air now
Catherine Kyohbashi
-A and B missile launch are faster and have better recovery
-The cancel timing for I’ll Smush Ya! (air) is quicker
-You can use Hover on the ground with BC and cancel into it from JE
-You can only use Chibigawa 3 times per match and it has more recovery
-Cathy has new super, a timebomb with 236AB
Clarice Di Lanza
-J1C is faster and chains to JE
-La・Granfia and La・Falla do 3 hits and you can use the follow up if it whiffs
-La・Brezza has better start up, has throw invincibility for its start up, she moves faster
-La・Catena will chip 0.25 of your opponents MAX arcana guage
-La・Vicenda is now 22A and it can be done in air
-La・Ripresa is a new move that is done with 22B during Il・Rapimento
Dorothy Albright
-6B has new gatlings from 5B, 2B and 4B
-J2B will go backwards slightly if you do J1B
-Fold; a new move that makes a new card appear with BC
-Ground Ten is bigger and will start up faster when an opponent touches it
-Ten of Spades has longer duration
-One Pair, Two Pair, and Three-of-a-Kind add more untech time on the last hit
-You can whiff cancel 5B with moves that are over specials
-JE is now 4 hits
-Prince C (623C) has longer invincibility
-Drawings are chargeable can be selected depending on how hard you hit the button
-A new drawing super with 22AB
-Gentlemen!! (XH) is now [2]8AB, the start up is faster, and the HP requirement is gone. The down charge is 180 frames long. You must do [2]8 ([2]9 etc will not work)
Elsa La Conti
-5B has a better hit and clashbox, duration, and moves forward more
-J4B has better duration and a bigger hitbox
-You can interact with the Sanctus bottles with more attacks than just Kyrie. Also, their trajectory and number of times that they can bounce are different. The air version has better recovery
-Benedictus is overall shorter in frames. The attack is bigger and the untechable time is longer
-Communio downs on hit and the holy looking stuff stays after it lands on the ground
-Gladius’ second hit comes out faster if you couldn’t lock with the first. The recovery is also better
Fiona Mayfield
-Faster homing
-5B is slower, does less damage, but has longer duration and more upward reach
-2B is faster and does more damage
-Caletvwlch (623) can now be preformed in the air
-Collbrand does less damage and knocks down on hit
-Misty Chain’s kara-cancel has been removed
Heart Aino
-JC untech time has been reduced and can’t chain into JE anymore
-Heartful Punch is two hits and you can use the follow up even if it whiffs
-Ribbon Beam has better start up
-Love Tekken Punch is chargeable now
-Sugoi Special Kick’s shock wave is now a low and is all-cancellable.
Kamui Tokinomiya
-Her old 6A is back
-JA is bigger (horzontally)
-Habaki A has less projectiles and has less recovery
-Habaki C’s second projectile comes out on the second slash. The second slash is now all-cancellable
-Kanagiryou’s blowback is different and the stance is homing cancellable
-Kuishi’s blowback and whether it is air unblockable or not is now dependent on the which part of the move hits
Kira Daidohji
-5B and 6C are now chargeable
-Ekodashiki Cluster’s hit properties have been changed
-The recovery has been changed for hit and block
-Physical invincibility has been added to Daidohji Bunker Buster A
-You can change the jump trajectory with 4 or 6 for Daidohji Bunker Buster C
-Flying Armageddon has more vertical reach
-5B has better start up, duration and recovery
-5B, 2B, and 6C followups for Hayate Tsuki have been changed
-The hitbox on the first part of Takinobori is narrower but, you can follow up the part right before she lifts off the ground into Doton no Jyutsu
-The A follow up to Doton no Jyutsu has longer hitstop and is air unblockable
-Midare Kunai’s kunai spread has been randomized
-Damage has been reduced for Konoha Special
Lieselotte Achenbach
-5C(no doll) is only one hit now
-C attacks with the doll have less invincibility now
-Parted Soul now does multiple hits
-Endless tears is a new super move that you can do off Tyrannical Whip
-Unstoppable Bend has a longer duration now
-The doll will comeback during superflash for Swindler’s Red Tears
-The doll will recover -immediately- after super recover
Lilica Felchenerow
-6C moves forward more, and the blowback properties are different on the first and second hit
-Screw Edge’s hit back has been expanded downward and she rises less
-Flip Through is faster, has a better upward hitbox, has better recovery on hit, and can be repeated on block
-You no longer have a collision, hit or counterable hitbox during Night Stream’s movement part. There are more bats and the timing for their startup is different
-Cyclone Storm has better start up, moves faster and has less recovery on hit
Maori Kasuga
-6B has a bigger hitbox and it pulls the opponent in more
-2C is faster, has better recovery and launches
-Sekka no Mai is faster, has better duration and has a slightly better upward hitbox
-Raijin Otoshi is now usable in air with J421X
-Gagakusonae will let the sister say out forever and you can use them twice. Also, using a move that uses either little sister will cancel Gagakusonae
-The air version of Hama no Shishiku’s start up invincibility is longer
-2B is faster but has less hitstun
-6C has different blowback properties and gattlings to B and C moves for arcana combos
-Genbu Toujin can now be cancelled into Byakko Houken or Seiryuu Kouzan on the first or second hit
-Byakko Houkencan be followed with Seiryuu Kouzan on hit or block
-Seiryuu Kouzan can be followed up with Suzaku Hourin on hit or block
-Kirin Kougeki moves forward more before hitting and guard crushes airborne opponents.
Nazuna Inuwaka
-Spirit guage consumption has been adjusted for all moves
-JC has a larger upward hitbox
-You can cancel all bird techniques into specials
-Kagiroi A is faster and had its blowback properties changed, but has less duration
-Choujutsu・Shirayumi is faster
-With Choujutsu・Nuedori, while the bird is on stand by, you can move it around with the stick
-Shoukan・Suzubachi has shorter recovery and the projectiles release quicker
Petra Johanna Lagerkvist
-6C the two shots are now two different hitboxes. Also, you can only jump cancel it with a high jump
-L.G.A charge-1 is now L.G.A charge-X. The amount you charge depends on the button you use
-L.G.A dodge’s cancel timings have been changed
-L.G.A fire type-α (air) is now L.G.A fire type-α’. The recovery after hit is less and the hit properties of ground hits for anything over Lv1
-L.G.A fire type-β, L.G.A fire type-β’, and L.G.A fire type-β” are now L.G.A fire type-β and lv3 shots rebound fewer times
-L.G.A Fire Type-β’ can now be used in air
Saki Tsuzura
-5C is now her old 6C
-6C is now her 5C
-J2B is now J3C
-La’a is now 63214X and can be followed up with 28X
-Brionac can be followed up with Fragarach on hit or block
-Gae Assail is a new super move done with [8]2 in air
-You can follow J6B with JB on hit, but you cannot jump cancel it anymore
-Fulcrum Schlinge (236) has faster start up and less recover in air. You can also HC it now
-You can cancel Snap Springen in the middle of the jump
-Drive Lauffen is a new special that you can do with [6] off Bind Ketten
-Armor Ruestung adds more untech time and the C version has different blowback properties. It can also be done in air now
-5C’s jump cancel is HJ only now and it has more recovery
-2E has longer duration, better recovery and she moves more
-Rush Greiten (236)  has an attack during the rush forward and the A version will not go into the slash if it whiffs
-Set Miene (214) is over all shorter frame-wise, has a larger spread, but the projectiles release slower
- Release Tatigkeit has a larger attack spread
-Pursuit Juergen is a new move that you can do after Tatigkeit with 214
-You will be able to move in air after the recovery of Layer Meteora (63214A+B) on hit
Yoriko Yasuzumi
-Mike has a hitbox before his neck extends for all command moves
-J3/6/9C is now J3/6/4B+C
-Air grab has been changed
-The effects of Ancient Talisman are now shorter
-Howling Anguish of Hades now reaches even higher up if you hold the button down during the effects of Ancient Talisman
Zenia Valov
-2C only does one hit now but does more damage
-C Disturbed Gust’s (236 follow up C) animation is different and can be followed up with A B or C on while hitting
-Whirlwind’s (236′s) command grab can now grab opponents in hitstun
-Raging Dark Tornado ([2]8) can now be homing canceled
-Anti air Golden Edinorog is faster
Arcana Changes
Gier – Dark
-The shadow moves faster when you hold Dark’s special moves
-Schere’s first attack is bigger now
-AE: A giant something jumps at the opponent
Ohtsuchi – Earth
-Keystone falls faster and does more damage on a downed opponent
-Kaichimon (fistcuffs) does more damage has less command priority than Keystone
-AE: Double fistcuffs
Dieu Mort – Evil
-Invalide does less damage, but poison and absorbs more meter
-Sacrifice is now homing cancellable after hit.
-AE: Miasma sticks to the opponent and drains their HP
Baldur – Fenrir
-Berger has better startup, overall shorter frame-wise and the explosion after a clash is bigger
-Falke has better duration and range is better
-AE: Several shells fire up and blow the area in front of you up
Lang-Gong – Fire
-Kakou En (stationary fire) does more damage and has longer duration
-The later half of Gouten Shou does more damage
-AE: Fireballs come out of the ground, then explode 
Kayatsuhime – Flower
-Single Blossom trajectory is set with n+E (all 8 directions)
-When you Harvest, you will slightly increase the force guage even if you didn’t harvest anything
-AE: Flower petals come down and form a sakura shaped projectile. Flower petal will come from any set flowers as well
Mildred – Halo
-Noble Photon’s explosion is faster and the move is a different during EF
-Celestial Gate stops if you take damage
-AE: Mildred jumps the opponent
Almacia – Ice
-Naru (ice) takes less time to charge, has better start up and the charged versions do multiple hits
-Kurua (flake) is faster and has less recovery
-AE: A little spirit shoots out a huge iceberg 
Partinias – Love
-Ekrixi (EF Attribute) let’s you cancel from character supers to arcana specials
-AE: Fire three super lasers
Saligrama – Luck
-Shani and Mithraism do more damage but have more recovery. You can also change the trajectory depending on how long you hold the button down
-Soma has less recovery
-AE: Boosts your luck to the max (passives always activate, dice always roll 1)
Medein – Magnetism
-Trigger (orb) is faster and reels on hit and block
-AE: chinatown street garbage gathers and moves around
Oreichalkos – Metal
-Kuriodoes is faster but has more recovery and less damage at level 1 and 2
-AE: A ton of swords spawn and rush the opponent
Heliogabalus – Mirror
-Speculum duration is a little longer
-AE: Call your own and your opponent’s doppleganger
Moriomoto – Plant
-Vine has more recovery on guard and whiff
-Blessed Light’s life regain stops when the EF guage hits zero
-AE: Plants from the spirit realm eat the opponent
Koshmar – Punishment
-Sword’s first hit reels and the second hit is super cancellable
-AE: A lot of slash attacks
Zillael – Sacred
-Javelin fires two projectiles
-Holy voice is bigger
-AE: Shock wave and a bunch of spears fire
Sorwat’ – Sin
-Pain and Siege trajectories change depending on where your opponent is
-Pain (ball) has better start up and a bigger hitbox but shorter duration
-AE: Tail impales the opponent
Bhanri – Thunder
-Emlon Enado (super thunder field) does more damage
-Brodeur Anam (AB) the part where the arcana explodes attacks too
-AE: Lightning comes down on the screen
Anutpada – Time
-Infinite Light no longer has hitstop after the stop effects
-AE: Changes your homing into teleports for a while
Phenex – Tone
-Echo’s hitboxes are bigger are multi hit
-AE: A sound wave surrounds your character. Lasts  for a set period of time or until you attack
Gottfried – Tyr
-Salomo does  more damage but the proration is worse
-Kruger does more damage
-AE: Tyr does a super fast rush attack
Niptra – Water
-Cataracta (waterfall) now has a hitbox for when the bubbles  burst and the attack is wider
-AE: A huge bubble captures the opponent
Tempestas – Wind
-You can only jump cancel J[E]s, but you can now double jump cancel moves that register you as airborne
-Fast fall always costs 1 meter
-AE: A giant wind boomerang

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